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SCSS Compiler Build CSS

Hello Sir,

You can use koala software to build it.



How to rate a Item at Themeforest

Go to your Theme-forest Account

Follow this image :)

Themeforest Refund Request URL

refund request

Hello Juli,

In Case you have purchased wrong Item.

You can purchase right item and drop Refund Request for Wrong item purchased.

and Update us about new purchase. Our team will check and confirm your Refund on wrong purchase.

Where do I find my ThemeForest purchase code?

purchase code new

  1. Sign in to your ThemeForest account.
  2. Go to your Downloads page.
  3. Click the big Download button next to your theme.
  4. Click the “License certificate and purchase code” link.
  5. Open the text file and locate your Item Purchase Code.

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