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Hello Support Team,

Lakhan Gaur replied 1 week ago on July 02, 2024 at 06:33 AM


Thanks for your approach regarding "Glower - React Native CLI Cosmetic eCommerce Mobile App Template",

1. It is a static mobile app template in react native, not a dynamic app with CMS.

2. E-commerce Platform Integration is not available, You will need to develop it according to you.

3.  Documentation available  

4.  Customization is not available on support, you can ask regarding app design and demo-related issues. 

5. You can download the demo app  


Lakhan G

DexignZone Team

RODRIGO OLIVEIRA replied started the conversation 1 week ago on July 01, 2024 at 05:44 PM

Hello Support Team,

I am considering purchasing the "Glower - React Native CLI Cosmetic eCommerce Mobile App Template" for my online store and have several questions about its functionalities and support:

Content Management: Does the template allow for easy product management without the need for coding? Is it possible to add, edit, and remove products directly through an admin panel?

E-commerce Platform Integration: Does the template support integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce? If so, what does the integration process involve?

Customization: To what extent can I customize the template to meet my brand’s specific needs? Are there any limitations on visual or functional customization?

Documentation and Tutorials: Does the documentation include detailed instructions and tutorials on setting up and managing the template? Do you provide practical examples?

Technical Support: What kind of technical support do you offer post-purchase? Is there a customer service or a user community where I can seek help?

Trial or Demo Versions: Is there an option to access a trial or demo version of the template before purchasing? This would help me better understand how it operates in practice.

I appreciate your assistance in advance and look forward to your responses to make an informed decision.

Best regards,